📖Installation & Usage

Before installing:-

Quick Install

Install all dependencies and developer-selected Distro

. <(curl -Ls https://bit.ly/udroid-installer)

From sources (manual install)

apt update && apt install git -y
git clone https://github.com/RandomCoderOrg/fs-manager-udroid
cd fs-manager-udroid
bash install.sh

then use udroid --list to get a table of available distros and the names of their suites ( something like jammy:xfce4 ) then use udroid install jammy:xfce4 (or the suite you like) to install.

Here are some examples that show both install and login commands of popular distros

udroid install jammy:xfce4
udroid login jammy:xfce4

Removing a Distro

udroid cli tool has an argument remove that takes care of wiping the suite installation from the device, and --clear-cache option to remove any download (if present) for max release of device storage

udroid remove jammy:xfce4
udroid --clear-cache

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